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Mini Rant in the 15 minutes I'm home...

Breakfast was good (Walker Bros., yum)...got home at 11:30...leaving for meeting in 15 minutes...

I was listening to Brit's Lucky on the way home, and it reminded me of something my aunt had said a couple weeks back. She was over working on the alterations for bridesmaid dresses. My sister and I had been watching VH1's 100 Most Shocking Moments in Rock & Roll (I've mentioned this show a lot...it's cool). Anyways, Melissa Etheridge was on and my aunt called her a jerk. Okay, fine. Opinions to myself, I didn't ask why she was so against Melissa. (Could be that she's a lesbian, but I don't actually know. Just speculation on my part) Later in the show, Whitney Houston comes on and she calls her a jerk too. This time there was reasoning. Because she had gotten into drugs. Made me really irritated. Drugs are bad, yes, but to think that Actors and Singers, or any sort of Icon/Role Model should be banned from poor decisions is wrong. (that didn't come out right). Basically, stars have problems too. Their lives are not picture-perfect, nor are anyone elses. They should not be expected, to leave better, cleaner lives. Yes, drugs bad. Alcoholism, bad, but yay for Ben and Mariah and AJ who have gone out and seeked help for their problems.

Bottom line: The are just human. People. Flawed, Imperfect (Unperfect). Sure, it would be nice if they lived exemplary lives and were perfect role models, but I don't think this should be a standard. We all have issues, and problems in our lives, they should be treated no different than anyone else.


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Aug. 30th, 2001 09:54 am (UTC)
Yeah, I know. People think that just because they're famous, they have to be perfect. It's this trying to perfect that usually drives them insane.

Which is the reason why, when I write, anything, salsh or het, I strip them down of all the fame. I mean, I know John Rzeznik's not a raving psycho with a heroin problem. But that's what I've made him in Insanity. I know that Rob never had any problems that he had to go into rehab, but I've made him one of those people in Smokescreen.

The last word is: They're normal. They have the right to fuck up, like we do.

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