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So, Morning....AHHH!!

I wake up at 10 to 9 by my nephew coming down the stairs saying "Gail, it's time to wake up." Shit, I think. I guess my alarm didn't go off, or I slept through it or something. It was set for 8. I know I set it for 8. I remember setting it. And it was on. The little alarm symbol was on in the corner.

One of my thoughts (somewhere around second or third) was, "What if I wasn't babysitting Mikey this morning, and I slept past the time of my meeting?" Gah. Stress.

I mumble a few words to him. Ask quickly about the Aaron concert (he had fun). He said he wanted to play video games, so I said he could while I showered.

Get upstairs and read a note from Mommy. "Would you mind giving up your 'big-girl bed' for Fayanne and Brad" Yes, actually, I would mind a lot. One, she only lives here for about a month out of the year (she's probably staying down at school through the summer next year). And I hate when I get things, then have them taken away. Like with the Dexter Freebish tickets. I was on the verge of tears when the security guy informed me that there would be no show. I had gotten my hopes up and got really excited, just to be thoroughly disappointed. It makes me extremely upset. But if mommy ever said, "We are moving the bed to Fayanne's room" I wouldn't put up a fight. Grrr....

Well. I'm showered and should start doing stuff with Mikey. I might get an entry in before my meeting. Otherwise, I will write back after 5:30.

*When I Fall - Barenaked Ladies
*This Used to Be My Playground - Madonna
*The House of the Rising Sun - The Doors

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