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I'm a bad boy, 'cause I don't even miss her. I'm a bad boy, for breaking her heart


School was okay. No homework, which rocks forever and a day.

Turned in Senior Teach Day application. I'm really hoping to be Carl. That would just kick so much ass! Especially if I'm doing it with Carly (Schoey). SO much fun!

Went to Earthworks after school. Mmm...5th activity...

Have a Student Activities Board meeting tomorrow during Early Bird. I have to be up at 6:40.

There's AWARE after school, but Eric might start keeping me for the musical, since we are getting closer to tech and then show.

Went to dinner (for three hours) after crew with Eric, Zoe and Paul. Was uber-good time.

I'm on a crazy salad kick. As of a month ago, I NEVER ate salad EVER. EVER. E-V-E-R. I hated them and they made me nauseous. Now I've had several, and get them at most restaurants. Huh.

Then Zoe came over to watch The Parent Trap (1998 remake) until 11. So good. ;-)

Mommy is the greatest when it comes to being a financial provider. Yay for spending money in New Orleans!

I can't find my backpack to use as a carry on. Fuck.

I got a Valentine's Day gift from my godmother. A tin of various popcorns and candies from The Popcorn Factory. Awwww...

I need a shower.

I need to pack!

Tomorrow night, we are going to dinner at Chili's for a "kicking off the trip weekend" type thing.

I really really need to pack! Dammit!!

Drama is silly. (And by that, I don't mean theatre, I mean the Mary J. Blige type.)

My housing is all in envelopes and ready to be stamped and sent out. Happy!

I'm kinda freaked out about the almost definite attacks the US is facing from terrorist groups. Especially the ones that have made a public plea to send suicide bombers into our cities. Fuck? What the hell is wrong with Bush? Why start a war in Iraq (which we probably aren't even prepared for) when there is a far bigger threat looming around the corner. Orange, folks. Orange Alert. That's 2nd highest on a list of 5 for potential terrorist threats. Fuck.

I think that's it. Long entry, but not much written. Much love and goodnight!

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