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Time to keep, time to lose, time for all to keep silence

Today was surprisingly good.

Talked to Caitlin about a very interesting problem she has found herself in, and it involved people I love so I decided to add my opinion...and hopefully I helped.

I'm learning so much about Western Europe in American Foreign Policy that it's nuts. Ask me about the politics going on there. Come on, ask me! I'll tell you all about France and Germany's supposed non-involvement in the war despite French President Jacque Chirac preparing the military and the recent shift in power due to elections in Germany. Woo for learning!!

Crew was fun. We worked hard and it felt really good. Yay. My back hurts.

Caught up on my friend's page. Happy.

Only homework due tomorrow is Economics. I should also be working on my next AFP Diaries and my Fred Astaire report for Dance (which I started today. Go me!)

And I'm going to address the envelopes for my housing, etc so that I can send it out tomorrow and be done with it.

New Orleans in two days!!!! We leave Friday at 5:15am. We got our trip shirts in Chorale today!

AND! I got 4 random hugs today. Caitlin (twice, and not overly random), James Bittner, Zack, and Ken Keacher. Yay!

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