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I'm killing myself from the inside out, and now my head's been filled with doubt

Bought The Handmaid's Tale because
a) Fahrenheit 451 wasn't there
b) When last I checked my poll, it was in the lead
c) Catch 22 was too long (though I would like to read it)
d) Brave New World And it only got one vote. I would like to read this eventually though
e) 1984 had bad print which would bother me to read. Yes, I like pretty pages. And those pages were yucky.

Appointment with Dr. Lady #2. It sucked in a way that I spent the whole time talking about an issue that I didn't feel like talking about today, so I was crying, and I haven't gotten around to mentioning what I've meant to mention for about a month and a half. Whoops.

I took a 2 hour nap between coming home from the luncheon and going to the appointment. And I'm still exhausted.

It feels like Sunday.

I need to finish my AFP Diaries and read an article for English. Damn, I hate homework.

Off to read articles about Europe. And then fill out housing...perhaps.

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