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And I don't want the world to see me, cause I don't think that they'd understand

The wake was long. So long. 6 hours is FAR too long for something like that.

It's strange. I'm the youngest of the "grandchildren" on that side of the family...though I'm about average age for the "great-grandchildren". All of my cousins are my parents age and they have kids the age of me and my siblings. Daddy was the youngest by a lot.

So I met some of these "children of cousins who are actually older than I am" that I hadn't met before. They were all the grandchildren of my Uncle Joe. It's confusing, don't bother trying to figure it out.

Things I must do before my parents disown me forever:
- Fill out and send in my housing applications for Indiana and Eastern. :-/
- Fill out and turn in the application for the Park District summer camp counselor job.

Now? Doing a little American Foreign Policy work, or reading.

I'm leaving after 3rd tomorrow for the funeral part. Oy.

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