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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong

I'm home, dressed and ready for the wake.

Last night was pretty decent. Ended up being picked up at midnight and going to Candace's. We all hung out, watched really random shows on the Food Network and Animal Planet, before finally getting to bed around 4.

Then at 9:30, Mulder wakes everyone up and by 10 the guys have left to go start breakfast. The girls put in Ever After and watch about 70 minutes until they called and told us breakfast was ready.

They lied, of course, and we ended up hanging around Mulder's house for about a half-hour before they served us. It was really good. They had made blueberry muffins (from a box), an egg and hash brown casserole, a quiche, sausage, deviled eggs and a bowl of sliced fruit. Mulder is a very good cook...the other guys just sort of sat around, I think.

We ate and finished by noon. I fell asleep on the couch, but Zoe woke me up to bring me home at 12:30.

So now after 5 and a half hours of sleep, I get to go mingle with obscure relatives for over 6 hours. Dammit.

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