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I really need someone to talk to and nobody else knows how to comfort me tonight

I can't list all the things that contributed to me waking up at 7:45 on a Saturday, because there are too many.

But as a start, Mama doing laundry (which is RIGHT next to my room), and in the process, turning on ALL THE LIGHTS IN THE WORLD to do so. And Daddy fixing the couch using hammers and drills and now it sounds like clanging metal against metal.


I didn't have to be up until about 10:45. :-(

But now I'm up. So I'll read some more. I think I'll be doing a lot of reading today. I have crew from 12-2:30, but then after that, I'm not going anywhere (I don't think) until about 11 when I meet folks up for post-dance party. Opa. I'll be sleeping at Candace's tonight.

And now, we read.

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