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My Evening...Yay!

Started with me going to Best Buy. I still had the Gift Card, cus they never have the CD or DVD I want. Blah. Anyways, I am now the proud new owner of Britney Spears: Live and More!. I've decided that I like Britney a lot. She's always so cute, and she has the best hair (except for the Oops! vid. Bad choice.)

Went to Target to buy two pillows. Bought two pillows. Happiness. I've decided that I really like to acknowledge the security people who stand by the door. At Best Buy, there's this one guy who works there, that I adore. Obviously, his job is to greet, and make sure no one steals stuff, but he's always so nice. So I always smile and answer the "how ya doing?" with a "great!" And on the way out, when he says "have a nice day", I respond with a "you too." So many people don't even make eye contact with these workers. Especially at Target, I noticed. I made it a point, as I walked in tonight to make eye contact and smile at the guy. He looked like such a sweet old man. And I felt so good, since the people walking in ahead of me totally snubbed him.

After Target, I went to Ci's apartment. We had dinner, then watched the new Britney DVD. It was entertaining. No NSYNC, but then again, there are 5 of them to be funny at any given time. Only one of her. Wonder if that makes her lonely? She seems to be pretty good friends with her dancers though.

Basically just came home after that. It was about 10:30, and I have curfew. Yuck. 68 days....*sigh*

My nephew went to see Aaron Carter tonight. I'm discussing it with my sister, about how her ex could only take 4 rolls of film because he was sitting next to some Jive exec. [He usually takes a bunch of pictures with a telescopic lens and sells sets of prints on e-Bay.] We were laughing at him.
cicigreenwood: so he only got four rolls of pictures. Not that he will be able to sell them... i doubt there is a big audience for Aaron yet.
Windy115: not on e-bay
Windy115: they are all kids
cicigreenwood: years from now he can sell them to magazines as the "early years"
Windy115: more like the "before he turned to drugs and alcohol and ended up on the streets, living out of sewers and trash cans"
Windy115: that was mean
Windy115: I apologize for *this* much of it
cicigreenwood: VH1's where are they now?
Windy115: the rest can stay
Windy115: exactly!!

Ah, yes. I can see the headlines now "Aaron Carter live on streets due to heroin addiction". Evil, yes, but all too often, true.

Hmm...what else? My bed looks *huge*. It's so weird. I can't wait to sleep in it. It's so big. I hate twin size. I need space. I get claustrophobic easily. [Oh my god...claustro= closet= small, confined space. I love connections like that. Word origins and etymology, yay.]

Kitty really wants to get into my dresser (she likes sleeping in there), but the drawer is wobbly, so when she jumps into it, it moves and she gets freaked out and runs away. It's so sad.

Look! This is my sister's cat Tigger (last Christmas, when he was just a kitten).

I like cute kitties. They make me happy. [Edit Note: I don't know why my pics haven't been working lately. *shrugs* Everything seems to be in order. You can also go here to see Tigger. He's a cutie.'s almost bed time. I have to be up at 8 to get ready. At 9, I'm taking Mikey and we are doing ???? (haven't decided yet). At noon, I have my second fall play meeting, so it has to be something under 3 hours. [Ew, 4 hours and 15 minutes in a meeting. Then 15 break before another 45 minutes Freshman Info meeting. 3 hour STUNTS Meeting on Friday. So much time spent sitting. Blah.]

Yeah, bed. Night!!

::Brit Music::
*Oops!...I Did It Again
*Material Girl (cover)
*Pepsi Commercial

::Other Music (I only have those 5 as mp3s)::
*If I Had $1000000 - Barenaked Ladies
*Falling - NSYNC
*Magic Carpet Ride - Fat Boy Slim
*You & I & I - Matchbox 20
*High - Tabitha's Secret

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