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Why is everything so confusing? Maybe I'm just out of my mind

Alright, so I'm not going to be catching up on what I've missed of my friend's page. I'm skimming through, though. I'll be half-checking the posts of the past couple days. And I love you all dearly, or I would have nixed y'all by now. ;-) (Yeah, that was my shitty attempt at humor.)

I've got a lot to do. Turns out that the monster load of Econ homework I did last night was wrong...and I didn't need to stay up until 1am. Bitch. But oh well, I can't turn back the clock now. So instead, I have a few pages to read over the weekend and attempt a study guide.

I have my first foreign policy diaries due Monday, but thankfully she changed it to only needing 6 entries. (No more than 2 a day, and those have to be from different sources if they are on the same day.) The Trib and NY Times are becoming my very good friends. I have to summarize articles on Western Europe (usually 8, this time only 6) and connect them to American Foreign Policy. We have one of these due every 2 weeks. There will be a total of 6. I'm going to be a Western Europe genius. I already have learned a lot and I've only read 3 articles.

I still need to write my dance paper. Fuck. But it's not due until the 19th-ish when I return to Dance.

At AWARE today, we choice Civil Liberties as our cause for Jam for Justice. (Especially the Patriot Act which has taken away most of our unalienable rights that we fought so hard to get in the first place. Gotta love countries in times of war. Freedoms are no longer important when we are fighting for democracy and safety.)

Tomorrow: (7th)
I'm on an all-day in-school field trip for Company. We will be working through improv to create characters for the Spring Play that we will be writing through improv on a later date.

This weekend:
Friday night, hang out with stephrene? She's supposed to be coming home this weekend from Iowa. I haven't heard from her in a few days though.

Saturday (8th), 12-2:20 crew. Opa.

That night is Turnabout. I'm not doing the dance, but I'll probably be going out with people afterward and ultimately sleeping over at Candace's.

cicigreen??? Do I have to go to church on Sunday? And if you say I can ditch it, be aware that next weekend, I'll be in New Orleans, so that I won't be there then either. If it's a problem, I can leave Candace's uber early.

Sunday (9th), church?

2-8, wake for my Uncle Joe. He died, by the way, today around noon. He was 73, so a lot older than my parents...but it still freaks me out that he's the first of that generation to die. 15 more years, and that's my parent's age. :-/

After, there will probably be a dinner thing, and I won't be home until late.

Next Week:
Monday (10th) is the funeral. It's at 1pm, so I'd have to miss 5-9 if I went to it...which I really have to. I feel guilty since I'm missing all of tomorrow. And I'm not sure if I'd be able to attend SAGA as such.

My Foreign Policy Diaries are due.

That night, at 7:30, I have a doctor's appointment as well. Oy.

Thursday (13th), Student Activities Board meeting early bird, and AWARE after school.

Friday - Monday (14th-17th): New Orleans Chorus/Orchestra Trip. Yay!

Week After:
Wednesday (19th), rejoin Dance. Paper probably due.

Thursday (20th), AWARE with a lot of emphasis on setting up for Jam For Justice.

Friday (21st), trip to Indiana University with Goldy and Zoe. Unless of course, I bale and leave those two so that I can be present for Jam for Justice (which is also this night).

I would then be able to attend my niece Zoe's birthday party on Saturday the 22nd and go see Les Miz at Highland Park that night at 7 (I think...)

Monday (24th) - Our next all-day Company Field Trip and the next time Foreign Policy Diaries are due. Also the next possible time I could attend SAGA.

Then I get a day off, before tech for the musical starts on the 26th. At this point, I probably won't be allowed to attend AWARE (either the 20th or 27th) and thus will not rejoin until around March 13th.

Sorry, that took way too long. Basically...I'm REALLY fucking busy for a long time. And I might get a break when the musical ends in a month.

Tonight? All I want to do is shower, get into comfy jammies and read HP and the Goblet of Fire.

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