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She was blowing me up with her love

I decided against working the band concert tonight. First one ALL YEAR that I haven't work. I will, however, be doing the orchestra concert tomorrow night.

I was just very temperamental with my *cough* co-stage managing team today.

In fact, for a majority of crew, I sat around with Becca and Lizzie and talked with them as they decided on costumes for their dance in Dance Show. I love Dance Troupe, it's fabulous.

And I was going to go up to Cici's...but it turns out that she came here (with Zoe) and stole our food for dinner. And Dave and Katie came over as well...though just for a moment or two. Katie returned the LotR DVD to me. Yay!

Still half-contemplating going to the band concert. But I'm thinking no. I need a break. Besides, most of my friends are in Wind Ensemble and/or Jazz Band...the two sections who aren't playing. I really don't care about the freshman band, and Symphonic...well...bleh.

- Shower
- Sleep

Ah, what priorities, eh? ;-)

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