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Headlines, bread-lines, blow my mind...and now this deadline: eviction or pay

War is not an instrument of policy; it is a failure of policy. --Gary Hart (Future Democratic presidential hopeful)

School was fine. Our speaker ended up being fogged in at an airport in Indiana, so he's been postponed to tomorrow. That meant that we had a rather emergency meeting of our 6th period classes. It was great though. I still love Foreign Policy. The quote above was from a speech I had to read for homework, and my region of the world for the diary/article things we have to do is Western Europe. Opa.

Went to SAGA. It's still a new group and is in definite need of some better organization. But I will continue to go and help out where I can.

The Foreign Policy article was my only homework, and now I'm one chapter away from finishing The Sun Also Rises, so I'll be doing that, then continuing to read HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. Opa. I'll probably be done with this within the week (homework and school commitments depending).

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