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I'm up and showered and almost ready to face the day!! all before my alarm was even set to go off.


I feel like I sleep all the time, and yet I never sleep well.

I plan to do some reading for the next half-hour then head to school. English, Economics, assembly and Theatre 1,2 today. Mmm...nice. Tomorrow will be a bitch. So many classes. So long. [Company, Free (Multi-Variable Calc), Chorale, American Foreign Policy, Free, Dance/Free (APEng).] Alright, so it's not that bad...three free periods, two fine arts, two classes I'm joining for the hell of it and Foreign Policy, which I enjoy. Pas mal.

So yeah. Reading then school. No crew, so I'll probably be going to SAGA until 4:30 and getting home *gasp!* early!!

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