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You say it's over, I can sigh again, yeah. Why try to stay sober when I'm dying here?

Olive Garden was good. Dinner with best friends is of the good. Yay for Allie.

Then went to Phatty's. Tons o' fun. Lots of laughs and jokes. More so than has been recently. Moods lifting, question mark? Eh, maybe for a night.

Came home at 11 (since everyone else was leaving, and Pat's mom tends to kick us out early). Read more of HP and the Prisoner of Azkaban. I'm about 3/4 of the way through with it. And The Sun Also Rises is 4 chapters from done. Opa! When I finish those two, I'll start on book 4 of HP and hopefully be done before June for book 5. The reading may reach a stand still if I start getting homework though. Boo.

And now...I'm sooooo tired, but I get to sleep until 10 tomorrow. Mmm...

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