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Kiss today goodbye, the sweetness and the sorrow. Wish me luck, the same to you

Chicago was pretty good. It was eh until half-way through when I really started to appreciate and enjoy it. And then Richard Gere was in it more and WHEE! *ahem*

I thought it was a really interesting presentation, taking the stage show for music numbers, while going to a realistic setting/filming for the more plot oriented parts. I didn't articulate that well...but I thought it was a good choice that they did very well.

It's been so long since I've seen the musical, that I couldn't tell if it veered much (aka, taking out songs, cutting songs, using original Fosse dance). I don't remember All That Jazz being first, but it probably was.

The costumes, I felt, were a bit on the tacky side. I didn't mind the fact that basically all the women were naked all the time. It wasn't overly tasteful, but the musical isn't about being tasteful. However, there were often extraneous beads or straps that I felt had no use, and for a lot...the colors were just heinous. Lucy Liu's was good, but then again...she wasn't supposed to be a cheap whore like the rest of them.

Bottom line: Very decent. Worth the $7 matinee price...maybe $9 regular. But I wouldn't go to see it again. Maybe I'll rent it late.


Allie and I are going to Olive Garden for dinner. I haven't found anyone to accompany us, but then again, I haven't tried very hard. After, I'll be going to Phatty's (she can come also, but I haven't told her that yet) to hang out.

Late arrival tomorrow. Classes start at 10:55 and we have a speaker coming in around 1. Milton Creagh. He was funny, as I remember from when he came in 8th grade. And very good. Made some very powerful points.

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