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All my descomisados expect me to outshine the enemy. I won't disappoint them!

My morning has been spent reading HPatPoA (I'm defintally too lazy to type that all out...) and I'm about half way through. Opa.

I'm very tired, and don't want to go to my grandmother's birthday party today. I feel guilty about that...seeing as how she is my only living grandparent...but I'm still convinced that she doesn't like me. So the feeling is semi-mutual.

But! I'm seeing Chicago this afternoon with Zoe and her parents. Opa! It'll probably be a 3 o'clock show, so I'll need to leave my aunt's house by 2 at the latest. I'm not sure how long this shindig is even going to be, since there's the wake afterward. Quite a party, n'est pas?

Damn cursed luck of my family. Seriously. January sucks...and February is just an extension of that...

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