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When I saw the break of day I wished that I could fly away, instead of kneeling in the sand

...Catching teardrops in my hand.

You know that feeling when you are too tired to even go to bed. So you sit. And stare. And think of how nice it would be to lie down...but you just can bring yourself to expel the energy needed to do it?

Yeah, it's something like that.

I'm soooooo tired right now! Probably because for the past week I've been going to bed around 9:30. Stupid Gail.

Today was interesting. I had 5 free periods, and during two of them, I joined classes that I'm not supposed to be a part of. 4th period Multi-variable Calc. I did this a lot last year too...hung out with Nick, Jason and Matt. This year there are 5 in the class, and it has a *little* more structure. Bottom line: I'm a big math geek, even though I hate it. It's a very strange paradox.

The second was the 8th period AP English class. Mmm...APEng. I was going to be in it this year, but scheduling didn't work out. We did some coloring thing/big paper work. They are starting a unit on poetry. (Us slow folks in level 2 are starting satire.)

The other times, I just hung out with people and made the most of my non-day.

Crew was fine. We are so done with everything, that's it's hard to give people jobs. There's still stuff to do, but we have WAY more time than we need...and some of it just has to wait anyhow.

Went to Chipotle for a quick dinner...and ended up leaving the folks there early to head on down to Evanston. Yep, I saw Evita for a third time. It was the best performance of it, in my opinion, though Eric still felt opening night was better. I went with Eric, though we didn't get to sit together. We talked before and after the show, and saw Jason for a bit as well.

And now I'm home. And SOOOOO tired. Oy. This has got to stop.

My heart is drenched in wine
But you'll be on my mind

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