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I haven't cried at all today. I find this very curious, and almost unsettling. Am I numb? Should I feel guilty about that?

Jenny (sophomore at University of Miami, FL) called my cell phone today and left a message saying that she was having a really superific day and wanted to spread the love. So cute...love her so much.

I'm tired, as usual.

I'm hungry. The parents are not here tonight. Must fend for self...as usual.

Today felt long. Not bad, really. Just long. Only had half my classes...then I was on a field trip. Our 1,2 class performed Green Eggs and Ham 4 times for different audiences. Things went really well. I wish I could have been in Foreign Policy though. Hearing Kaplan talk about the State of the Union address...oh, I would have loved to see that.

We watched the run through for The Boy Friend instead of going to crew. Or rather, that was our crew task. Things are shaping up pretty well. The show is vapid and has no deeper meaning. But it's uber-short (ha, STUNTS was longer) and pretty funny. It's entertaining, if nothing else.

Spent an hour and a half (maybe a little longer) afterward, sitting around and talking to people. Slowly, they left and at the end it was just me, Benji and Eric. I drove Ben home. Got in at 7. So late! but oh well.

And now, we eat and do our Economics reading. Talked about stocks and bonds today. I think I understand. And I still love Huff.


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Jan. 29th, 2003 07:23 pm (UTC)
Is it really going to be a single?! WOOT! That's my favourite song off the new album ^_^

::also, is not really pissed off, just felt the Brian!Icon would fit best.::
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