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And I miss you like the deserts miss the rain

So much with the tired.

I'm about to fall over...but I don't know if I can nap. I have a couple hours before my doctor's appointment, but I was going to be very above-and-beyond with my job of Stage Manager and put together some info sheets for the cast and crew. That's 100 people, and I'm trying to get their names, email addresses and phone numbers all in a spreadsheet. Yes, lofty goal.

Especically when nap sounds so good!

Crew today was alright. We did lots of SM stuff. And we got to decorate Mr. Brame's (band director) office for his birthday. We wrapping papered his door, the door to the band room, and filled his office with about 200+ balloons. It's amazing. Go us.

I got a bit angry near the end because people were MAJORLY slacking and there was still work that could have and should have gotten done. But oh well. There's just more for them to do tomorrow.

And I remembered to mail my cousin Stephanie's birthday card this morning. Her birthday is Wednesday. Opa.

So now. Work or sleep?

I think I know which one is going to win... ;-)

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