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Today has been fun...surprisingly.

Well, after church, that is.

Went to Evita. The show itself had a few more problems than last I saw. But there were a ton of people at this performance, and afterward we all stood around talking. I talked to Jason, his sister Becca and his parents. They are fantastic people, and I love them dearly.

My car load stayed around for a while after everyone else had left, so we got to Rob's Super Bowl Party a little late. About 5:15...after kickoff. It was fun though. Zoe and I had a semi-serious conversation in the middle of it. Was kinda funny...or at least in retrospect it was. I'm not making any sense anymore.

Tomorrow, there is no school because all the teachers are finishing their work on grades for the semester, so it's an in-service type day. However, I have crew from 9-4. Oy!

So up at 8. Booo! Want to enjoy my last day of break. And I want spring! I need nice weather!

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