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Enough about you, let's talk about life for a while

Whee! Fun day!

Went to Blockbuster. Rented both Crossroads and The Bourne Identity. Called Zoe and made her come over to watch them with me.

Crossroads was surprisingly okay. Like...I enjoyed it. And it was far better than some of that teen shit. So yay.

And The Bourne Identity was good. I was confused for about the first half, then I stopped trying to figure everything out and just watched. Opa! 'Twas interesting.

And now, it's still so early!

I have to do dishes :-p before I leave for Evita. Silly parents...but then again, daddy pulled the New Orleans card, so I'm not complaining much. I've also been practically stalking Charlie all day to see if he's coming tonight. He's in so much trouble!

And I'm out.

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