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It's a damn cold night, trying to figure out this life

Well...since my last post I am incredibly improved.

I did end up going to My Big Fat Greek Wedding (which was good the second time through) and only wanted to punch said friend in the face about 4 times. Luckily...there wasn't a whole lot of interaction with it being a movie and all.

AND! Candace called before the film, and I called her back after to make plans for Fazoli's!

I called Michael Johnson (our resident Freshman cutie whom we have dubbed as cool and ... it's complicated, but whatever. We love this kid) and he, Candace, Zoe and I went up to Kenosha around 8.

Sooooooo gooooood.

He's going to have some stories to tell about us. We're passing on our legacy, and that's what matters.

The greatest part was when Eric called me to give me a quote to put on the website and I cheerfully exclaimed "We're in Kenosha with Michael Johnson!!"
Eric: So wait, tell me a story. This is you, Candace and Michael Johnson ...
Me: And Zoe!
Eric: And Zoe, going up to Kenosha?
Me: Yep!
Eric: Are you corrupting him yet?
Me: Well, we're telling a lot of stories...and we're Senior girls, so most of our stories are inappropriate...
Eric: Just get him home in one piece.

'Twas uber funny at the time...

He had to be home by 10 (ha ha cute), so we were back in town by then. I took Candace home (cause she had curfew at 11. HAHAHA) and then Zoe came back to my house. We watched Dirty Dancing and the first hour of The Cutting Edge before she had to be home at 1.

Tomorrow we are planning to rent and watch Crossroads, cause I still haven't seen it.

So yeah. The day definitely looked up from my pit of hell before. Sorry for that inconvenience.

And I even had a nice conversation with Peter:
Mooch 11 (1:13:47 AM): word up gail
honeygailmarie (1:13:54 AM): Hey Petey
Mooch 11 (1:14:05 AM): i'm going to bed. i'm glad we had this talk
Mooch 11 (1:14:08 AM): bye!
honeygailmarie (1:14:12 AM): Goodnight, honey
Mooch 11 signed off at 1:14:16 AM.


And that's it. I suppose I'll finish reading ye olde friends page, then get to bed. I've got a ... oh wait. Nothing really going on tomorrow. Crossroads during the day. And Evita tomorrow night. Yay for Evita. Mucho excitedness!

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