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She's perfect, so flawless...or so they say

Ah, morning. Again. This unpleasantry that we keep encountering. *sigh*

I did change things up this morning though! Corn Pops instead of Honey Nut Cheerios. Call me a rebel, but...

[phone rings]

A woman from the District 109 (our elementary schools) office. Looking for Fayanne because she got her resume.

*sigh* I love her dearly. But she could be making a lot of money up here. But now she's jobless and down in southern Illinois with Brad. Good for her, I suppose, for making a hard choice like that.

I told the woman that she had moved downstate and probably wouldn't be looking around here anymore.


Sorry, back to my morning...

Erm, not much going on? You know those conversations you have with people where you just want to stick your hands out and wring their neck because you are SO completely irritated? Yeah, had one of those this morning. Luckily it was over AIM so that my evil facial expressions and clenched teeth could not be seen.

And now I'm hiding behind an away message. *sigh* I'm horrible to my friends...

Alright, so this entry definitely just got depressing of sorts. Must now stop. Definitely.

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