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So. Tired.

Must. Not. Collapse. From. Exhaustion.

So today has been good. I went to Chipotle for lunch with Rob, Zoe and Amanda. Then Zoe and I went back to her house to watch the first half of Broken Hearts Club. Hee hee...adorable movie. Whee! Gay boys!

Then she took me to school so I could drop off my APES final and we picked up Amanda and took her back with us to Zoe's house...where we finished watching the movie.

Got home at 4 so I could get my car and go the the foot doctor appointment.

The asshole says I need to wear the boot (or stiff, hard soled winter boots...cause I have those...not!) for another couple weeks. I have another appointment in 4 weeks and I'm out of gym for that duration.

Fuuuuuccccckkkk! I hate broken feet! I want it healed! NOW!!!


Candace is calling soon so we can go up to Fazoli's for dinner tonight. Mmm...Kenosha.

And Allie has been sending out so many SURVEYS that my inbox is busting. And the bitch had the nerve to take the one I posted yesterday and send it around! ;-) I love my Suanna!!

And now it makes more sense how Zoe and Amanda found out about Chipotle from her. I was like "How the hell did Allie know we were having lunch today?"

I'm a smert one.

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