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Isn't anyone trying to find me? Won't somebody come take me home?

1) Last dream: We were in the auditorium and the fire alarm when off, so we evacuated. I came in and ended up in a rehearsal where Anna Kacyn and Betsy Rotman were working on the Heidi Chronicles script, and Karen Hall had reworked it. Urg...there's a nightmare situation.
2) Last car ride: Going to and from my sister's apartment in Lake Bluff.
3) Last kiss: A couple days before New Years, I think.
4) Last good cry: It's been a few weeks, I think.
5) Last Missing Library Book: 4th grade. I don't remember what it was, but I remember that I had to pay to replace it.
6) Last movie seen: I suppose LotR tonight. Other than that, I saw The Hours on Sunday.
7) Last Book Read: I'm reading The Sun Also Rises by Ernest Hemingway. Before that...I think it was Ender's Game.
8) Last cuss word uttered: Probably fuck. I use that a lot.
9) Last beverage drank: Chocolate milk.
10) Last Food consumed: A chocolate frosted donut.
11) Last Crush: Hmmm...
12) Last phone call: Candace, trying to harass her to come to dinner with me. She didn't.
13) Last TV show watched: The Golden Globes? Today I watched some music videos on my array of new digital cable channels.
14) Last Item Bought: The Sun Also Rises.
15) Last time showered: 4pm today after I woke up from my nap. Yeah...I'm lazy as fuck this week.
16) Last shoes worn: Well, my left shoe was a New Balance. The right is the fucking boot.
17) Last CD played: Alanis in the car (Under Rug Swept).
18) Last downloaded: Erm...I think it was Bonnie Raitt "I Can't Make You Love Me"
19) Last annoyance: Honestly...having to search back in my journal to find out when my last kiss was. Whoa pathetic.
20) Last disappointment: No one going to Chipotle with me for dinner tonight.
21) Last soda drank: Sometime over the was probably a Pepsi. I have since given up all sodas and caffeinated beverages.
22) Last thing wrote: My last journal entry. Non-journal, my APES Land Ethic paper.
23) Last key used: Well, the house was open when I got in, so my car key.
24) Last word spoken: "Oh no you're not!" when realizing that my cat was throwing up on the floor of my sister's room (where she's not supposed to be in the first place).
25) Last trip to the bathroom: At 9:24, because we were in the middle of LotR and took that break for me to pee and Cici to put Zoe in pet.
26) Last sleep: My nap from about 2 until 4 this afternoon.
27) Last IM: I think my sister, but at the same time I was talking to Pat, Rob and Amanda.
30) Last weird encounter: I don't know.
31) Last Store Shopped at: Barnes and Noble.
32) Last ice cream eaten: Eek, it's been a while. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough at Baskin Robbins sometime around was after crew.
33) Last time amused: Silly hobbit commentary on LotR. "Was it really necessary for us to do this naked?" AHAHAHAHA!
34) Last time wanting to die: I don't know if I've every *seriously* wanted to die, but it's probably been about a year.
35) Last time in love: I don't think I've ever been in love before.
36) Last time hugged: Probably at crew on Saturday.
37) Last time scolded: If by scolded you mean "violently hit to show me that I've done something wrong", then crew on Saturday. O;-)
38) Last time resentful: Probably whenever I think about a certain few of my "friends" whom I no longer enjoy so much.
39) Last chair sat in: This one.
40) Last lipstick used: Cherry Chapstik...several times a day. I live by this stuff.
41) Last underwear worn: Gray and white leopard print.
42) Last bra worn: Technically yesterday...right now I'm wearing a white tank top with a shelf bra. Comfort, support, and that extra layer when the weather is so dreadfully cold.
43) Last shirt worn: Wearing my yellow ribbed long sleeved tee.
44) Last class attended: AHAHAHAHAHA! Theatre last Friday.
45) Last Final taken: AHAHAHAHAHAHA! Something 2nd semester Junior year. (I love project finals. So much less stress.)
46) Last time dancing: Alone in my room? Probably yesterday. Actually dancing? *sigh* I don't remember.
47) Last poster looked at: Erm...Monet?
48) Last concert attended: Harry Connick Jr? Oh, that's bad. I need to go to more concerts!
49) Last webpage visited: My LJ calendar page for December 30th.

Well that was nice and time consuming.

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