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Where do we go from here? This isn't where we intended to be

Thanks to the salvation of my sister, tonight turned out to be not hellish.


Actually, she made a very good dinner and then we watched the Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Rings cast audio commentary on the extended version. So funny. I love me some hobbitses...they are just too funny!

Now I'm tired. And despite the fact that I've been getting over 9 hours of sleep a night, and at least a 2 hour nap every day...I have been exhausted all week. I suppose I'm catching up?

Tomorrow, I'll revise my APES paper. It's to be turned in around 2pm. Then I have a foot doctor appointment at 4:15, where I will be (hopefully) getting off the fucking boot. I hate that things. *FLAMES!* Before that, I might be doing lunch at Chipotle and later tomorrow night, we are taking a trip up to Kenosha for Fazoli's. Exciting.

And now...we sleep!

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