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I think it's getting to the point where I can be myself again

I definitely slept away the afternoon.

Well, I finished the paper around 1, then I was going to read...but got too tired and decided to nap.

Woke up at 4 and decided it was a good time for a shower and getting dressed.


I love finals week. Especially when I have no finals.

So now I'm trying in vain to find someone who will go with me to Chipotle. It's not happening because everyone is studying. And the people who are sane enough to realize that taking breaks are good are either a) sick, b) going to Chipotle already with family or c) missing in action. DAMMIT!

So I'm stuck home tonight. Again, apparently. And right now, it's only my mother here.

Dear god, one of us may not make it out alive tonight!

So I'll probably pack up my things (meaning my APES essay to edit and my appetite) and head over to Cici's. Opa!

So yeah. Maybe I'll get Chipotle for lunch tomorrow, then go to Kenosha for dinner at Fazoli's. Fast healthy!

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