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You still want love. Love's ugly, smooth and delicate. But not without affection, no not alone

Well, I've basically finished my APES paper. Had to do some adjusting because according to the sheet: "Remember your paper can not be longer than two pages." (And yes, he made cannot into two words. The man is an idiot.)

And so I cut some stuff, and made adjustments to margin and voila. Exactly 2 pages, no going over. Now I just need to edit. Later...not now. Too much of that environment crap. O:-)

You are orange. You are emotional. Outside, you are bitter and stubborn, inside you are hopeful, hoping someone will come save you from the bitterness of your own mind. You constantly feel the need to prove yourself, and you look up to those who can make their dreams happen. You are broken, but not beyond repair like maroon.

What inner color are you?

Quiz by Shirono

And yes, I adjusted the HTML. It's better my way.

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