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The morning rain clouds up my window and I can't see the sun

Today was okay.

Crew was fun...though for a lot of it I didn't do much. I was just really tired, so I took the position of "supervising" and wandered aimlessly for a few hours. I was extremely aimless. Maybe a little empty.

After, we went to Chili's for a pseudo dinner. Bottomless tostada chips and water. Candace, Caitlin and I also split a molten chocolate cake thing...and devoured it! Seriously, they timed us (though we didn't know they were) and it took us 1:50 to eat the entire thing. Under two minutes, and we were slowed by laughter and such. It was funny.

After, it was about 5:30, though already dark and it had been snowing on a off for about an hour. So we went to a park where the boys could play frisbee in the snow. Charlie, Pat, Mulder and Vadim played outside in the freezing cold, while Candace, Caitlin, Goldy and I sat in Goldy's warm van for over an hour.

We left around 7 and all came back to my house. It was nice. Nothing overly special, but no regrets for letting people come around. So good.

And now I'm SOOOOO tired (still) and should get to bed. I have to be up "early" for Church in the morning. Fucking a', why did I agree to this?

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