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Must've been hard to see through the tears she was hiding

So it seems to have become the norm that I have about 70-80 posts to read on my friend's page every day.

Not bad, I suppose...but I keep my list to under 50 people.

So much reading. But I love you all!


Today was the last day of the semester. LOTS of slacking going on. Definitely got yelled at in the library 8th period. The librarians actually came over and SAT with us to try and get us to be quieter. It actually just ended up drawing another table of seniors and there ended up being about 10 of us talking loudly. They really don't know how to handle us. It's so great.

Finished the APES project and turned in it. Now I only have my paper due on Wednesday. Might try to do it Sunday...just so it's done!

Oh, and we got our grades in that class. We have this mandatory 4 hours of service for each quarter. I've only done 2 (so that's a 50% on my service grade) and I'm STILL GETTING A 95.5%!! This class could not be any easier. I don't do work for it. Seriously.

After school I did a little crew. Eric "kicked us out" at 4:30, which meant I actually left at 5:15. I picked up Allie and Zoe, and we met Charlie and Rob at TGIFriday's. I know...I was just there. But I'm excited over my discovery that I actually like salad. Or at least, I can tolerate them with good dressing (read: honey mustard sauce).

We went back to school around 8:15 to go to Good Karma Cafe. Was very fun. A nice, good-karma atmosphere. A pretty nice turn out too. I'd go to more of these through the year...except that I usually have stuff going on. Maybe now that I'm a second semester senior, I'll take the time to go to more. :-)

After, a bunch of us just went to hang at Allie's for a while, until curfew. I ended up leaving with Zoe at 12:20, cause we were both really tired.

And now I'm still really tired, but had to do my daily reading and updating of el journal.

Mandatory crew from 11 until 4. Probably doing dinner or something afterward. Then going out? Who knows.

Have you ever wanted something with your entire being? Is it not the loneliest, most empty feeling ever?

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