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I love, love, love this song.

And I'm soooo getting back into my mega-Alanis kick. Woo!



I got home at 9.


- English final presentation thing went REALLY well. Weatherby loved it. WOO!!!!

- Slacked off for a long while. Didn't even carry around my bag to pretend I was doing work.

- Got hit violently and hard in the Library today. Haravon came over to see what was wrong. AHAHAHAHA! I realized that I could get Pat in some SERIOUS trouble...most likely a 3-day in-school suspension for violence...or something.

- Actually DID stuff in APES! A lot, actually...and in my free period after. We have to create a pamphlet by tomorrow. So I worked a lot to put that together.

- Slacked off some more. ;-)

After-school activities:
- Went to AWARE. 'Twas alright. Heard about some community service trips. Bleh. But we should be starting up our non-offensive language campaign soon as well as setting up for Jam for Justice. Yay! This is the type of stuff I like. The war in Iraq can kiss my ass.

- Went to the last half of crew. Yay.

- Mulder and I went to dinner at 5:30...so we'd have eaten before the STUNTS meeting.

STUNTS Board Meeting:
My last one ever. *sniff* I've had two fantastic years on Board (and 4 working the shows). It's really tough to put it down, but I guess I feel like I'm still working in some ways. It's like I'm doing the same things I was before, just now I'm being called a "Stage Manager" and the show has changed. I'm still in a leadership position and I still have a lot of responsibilities.

But the meeting went really well. We talked about what was good with this STUNTS, and more importantly...what needs to change for the future. We had a lot of good ideas and it was a very solid meeting.

However, it was supposed to run from about 6:30 until 8 (which was long as it is...) and actually ran until about 9. Oy! 2 and a half hours!

But there was so much fun and laughing and it was great. Yay! A really good and positive note to leave STUNTS on. :-D


And that's it. No homework tonight, so I'm just trying to get through my Friend's page, then shower and then BED!

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