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There's no place that I would be without you

Ahhh! skip=80! So much talking! And I didn't even go to bed early last night. Well...I think I said around 10:15 that I was going to go to bed, and then I didn't until about 11:30...but whatever.

And now I have the fucking Zwan song stuck in my head because whenever Zack talks about it, it pops on in. BOO!!

And I'm SOOOOOO tired.

And my in-class English essay SUCKED ASS this morning. Shit.

And I have an APES test tomorrow. BOOO!!!

But overall, not a bad day. ;-) I read my monologue, so that's out of the way. And Weatherby said I could bring in people to read my dialogue for the Final presentations. Score! Candace will be Hamlet and Caitlin's going to be Oedipus. :-D

Might be going to Ruby Tuesday's for dinner. TOTALLY want a baked potato.

Need to make "Oedipus" and "Hamlet" signs for the girls to wear during the reading.

Need to type up STUNTS Board agenda for the meeting Thursday.

Need to study APES.

Need to wash my hands. They are filthy from crew. Yuck!

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