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Monday again? Let's just get rid of Monday

I'm making this entry short and sweet. I had fun over the weekend. Saturday, I went to a picnic at Maplewood Park from 1:30 until 6. We all had a lot of fun, so after, we decided to go to Panera for dinner (where I spent the $8 I was talking about before). After that, we went back to Lindsay's house and hung out, playing Clue, Uno and BS. We got kicked out of there at midnight, so Lewis, Charlie and I came back to my house to play Super Smash Bros. (again.)

Sunday, I went shopping and hung out with my sister (also previously mentioned). I went over to her apartment and finished watching Notting Hill with her, then we watched NSYNC Making the Tour, followed by Tarzan. During this, Lindsay and Candace called me many times as we tried to figure out what we could do. Since no one's house was available, we went to the park again, and played cards and frisbee. After, we went to Baker's Square to get dinner (me and my $4 didn't eat because I'd like to save something for the week). After, we went to my house (though it's small, it's the only one available). So we had 6 people crammed into my extremely small room. Oh well, we had fun.

That brings us to today, whereas nothing overly fun has happened. I'm planning on finishing the pages of my scrapbook that I had to stop because I ran out of glue. Yesterday, I bought two jumbo glue sticks, so they might last me through the end of summer (I hope.) I'm going to get working on that, so I'll talk to you later.

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