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We never did too much talking anyway, but don't think twice, it's alright

Well, it's been a long evening. I was in bed an hour ago yesterday. *grumbles*

But overall, not too bad. Didn't have crew after school, so I've basically just spend a lot of time catching up on my APES work that I've been putting off. I also did a few things I needed to do, like write the letter to IU regarding my schedule change and other fun stuff.

I still need to do my fucking housing. How many times have I said that? Too many. *sigh*

I have an English essay test on Hamlet tomorrow.

And a test in AP Environmental Science on Wednesday. On extinction and deforestation and biodiversity. Thrilling stuff. Now perhaps you see why I'm dropping that class like a bad habit.

But now, I need sleep. So I'm going to go get sleep.

First, however...
You should all go fill out my sister's poll. [Edit: It's a friend's only thing, desolee. But if you're on her friend's list...check it out!] I think it's an interesting topic. How many commandment have YOU broken?

I was at 8, give or take. Hey, at least I haven't killed anyone...

Goodnight moon.

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