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Taste the second time, a sweet surprise, a sweet surprise

Got a significant amount of sleep last night, which made getting up at 6:40 this morning much more bearable.

School was alright. Turned in my English final. That's a load off. Now I just have to "study" for our Hamlet essay test tomorrow, and I'm presenting my project on Thursday. The way I see it...Hamlet was one of the shows I saw over the weekend, so it's more fresh in my mind and I'll be fine for the test...versus everyone else who hasn't read/thought about it in almost a month.

I got my schedule changed at arena. I just need to bring in a note from Mommy saying it was alright for me to have dropped APES. And I need to send Indiana my new schedule.
1 - English (same)
2 - Economics with Huff
3 - Company (same)
4 - Free
5 - Chorale (same)
6 - American Foreign Policy with Kaplan
7 - Free
8 - Dance with Lynes
9 - Theatre 1,2 (same)

Lots of switching of stuff. But not too bad. Still two free periods. And since dance is practically a fine art (though I'm using it for gym credit) I have 4 of them. :-D I love me some fine arts!

I have so much work to do for APES tonight. I have to type up an outline that was due last Thursday (whoops...). I also need to finish this practice test packet because we have a test on Wednesday and I need to summarize my prairie plant project from first quarter because it's part of our group final project. Eww.


And I have a doctor's appointment at from 7 until 8:30, I'm out. Boo!

Must get working. Not so much time.


It's not that hard to figure it out
When there's no question, there's no doubt...

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