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I'm finally home!!!

First order of business...bathroom. I haven't gone to the bathroom since before my shower at 9 this morning. Second order of business...drink a bottle of water really fast. I have the biggest headache ever, and I'm pretty sure it's from dehydration. I haven't drunken anything since a can of Pepsi with dinner last night. So unhealthy.

Candace was a sweety and went to go get me lunch between the booksale and my meeting, while I was decorated my locker. Got a half Turkey with cheese sub from Tony's. Really good. Also ordered a large (and they have *large* beverages) Sprite. What I got was a large carbonated water. Eww. So, needless to say, I didn't drink it. But I did get a chance to eat. My thoughts as I left the house at 10 to 10 this morning "Hmm, I'm not going to be back home until 3:30. I won't have time to go get lunch. I didn't eat breakfast. I'm already feeling hungry. This could be bad." But my savior Candace got me food. Zoe actually offered to pick me up something also. Lots of love for both of them.

Lots of pictures up in my locker. Happiness. Also, a dry erase board, a deck of cards, and a Hello Kitty guardian angel figurine. All my books and supplies are there. *sigh* Check.

God does my head hurt. and I've been so tired. I just want to nap. But I feel like I shouldn't. I'm sure there are more productive things to be doing. There must be some way I should be preparing for the wedding.

The meeting was...long. Very long. Very very long. We read through the script, and discussed some of the scenes and wrote down things (mostly cultural) that we didn't understand. Tomorrow, we will be researching it all on computers and writing out the "director's note". There's one in every program for the shows to tell of the setting and events surrounding the play.

I Heidi does in her Act Two, Scene Three monologue (brilliant monologue...when I find it, I will link/post it). I forget exactly what she says, so I won't try to quote it, but I definitely felt distance. But it's not like everybody was friends with everybody else. Some people were friends with each other. Some were just sort of acquaintances. We were all basically in the same boat.

Head really hurts. Maybe I'll see what my sister's doing. I'm free for the rest of today, I think. Tomorrow morning, I'm taking care of my nephew Michael. Then I have our second fall play meeting. 4 hours and fifteen minutes. I'm gonna die. Today was hard enough. You'd think it'd be easy to just sit there and listen to the play, but oh my god, it was hard. And I was tired. At least we decided to sit outside. If I was in the Studio all that times, I would have gone mad. (The studio theatre is as most are. A black box. Ah.)

Gonna check mail, and friend's journals. Then maybe eat something. It's been over 4 hours since ma petite lunch. I hungry.

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