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And I'm gonna stay here indefinitely, and I wanna stay here, so just let me be has been soooooo looooong.

English was boring. I got more of my dialogue written, but it's total shit. The characters have no objective, and they don't really debate "fate" at's just each of them telling their stories. *sigh*

Was in the computer lab for Company again, and will be tomorrow too. Need to fix little parts of my monologue...but frankly, it's kicking so much ass!!! Go me!!

Sat out on the side while my entire gym class changed and played Eclipse ball. However, it did warrant this lovely exchange.
Zima: I just can't see you whoring yourself for Frappucino.
Me: Yeah gotta do what you gotta do.

Chorus, we started signing a fun new song. Daniel, Daniel something or other. It's very fun and high energy. Mmmm...

APES was a joke as usual. For the first 20 minutes of class, all of the seniors left. He was doing class recommendations for next year so we just got up and walked out. Came back later and he started class. Really...if he wanted structure, he should have tried harder at the beginning of the year.

I continue to adore my Theatre 1,2 class. They are so cute!!

Crew was fun. Third day of Candace and I being in charge of cleaning out the woodshop, and we are basically done! Our kick-ass leadership has definitely drawn results. Go us and our fabulous crew.

Came home and the parents wanted to go out to dinner. Feeling guilty (which happens about once every two weeks) that I never go out with them anymore, and that I'll be gone for the next 3 nights, I agree. *beats head against wall* I suppose it wasn't too bad. Went to the RAM on the corner of Lake-Cook and Milwaukee. 'Twas alright, but a little on the expensive side.

Then I came home. Dache and I were supposed to go shopping, but she was in the middle of dinner, so I started to pack. I have my outfits picked out for the next three days and started hunting down all my travel stuff. A lot of it is just going to have to be packed tomorrow.

Which leads me to my next point...

Stuff to pack tomorrow morning:
- Toothpaste
- Make-up
- Pajamas
- Jewelry
- Slippers
- Hairbrush

God, I wore that fucking boot so long today, my foot feels terribly now that it's free. Boo!


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