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Something I can't explain keeps me running, afraid

I feel like I have a lot to say...but that none of it is important.

Oh well. Here's my unimportant life...

1) Eating Corn Pops for dessert. Cereal rocks.

2) Need to call Indiana University about dropping science. SOON!!!!!

3) Also need to figure out how Zoe and I are staying at IU. Host Program??

4) Told Mommy to call foot doctor's office to get me a doctor's note out of gym. Zima mentioned something about keeping me out the first couple weeks of second semester as well. That would be sweet...unless of course I get to switch into which case I want to DANCE!

5) Turnabout is in a month. HA! No way in hell...

6) Need to get Evita tickets. Need to ask Jason if it's General Admission or if we need to organize beyond "Dace and I are going this can come too, if you want."

7) Theatre Fest on Thursday!!! (And Friday and Saturday!!!) YAY!!!

8) Went to dinner tonight at Chipotle (mmm...) with Candace, Mulder and Tedd. Teddy's a good kid...only not. :-( I still like him though.

9) I really need to work on my English final. It's due on Monday. :-/

10) Apple introduced new PowerBooks today at the Mac World convention. I now want one more than ever. So. Pretty. Mmm...

11) Uh...?

That might be all. My day was fine. I really can't complain when I have 3 free periods, one gym class where I can't do anything and 3 fine arts. Yum.

Now. Some work on English. Then a shower. Then BED!

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