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I want to sing, to sing my song. I want to live in a world where I belong

Wow! Today was so good!!

You: That's great!

Yeah! I think a lot of it has to do with the 10 hours of sleep I got last night!

You: ...?

It was so great.

You: Didn't you go to bed at 11:30?

Uh-huh. And slept like a rock! It was fabulous!

You: Ten hours?

Oh yeah. Ten straight hours! Mmm...

You: Don't you usually wake up at 7:15?

Yep. Everyday except the ones I have to get to school earlier. Then I wake up at 6:40.

You: Because your class starts at 8:20?

First period English with Weatherby. 8:20 every morning!

You: [thinks...counts...] 10 hours?


You: Doesn't that mean you woke up at 9:30?

...You're point is?

----- alarm didn't go off this morning. I slept through all of first period. I woke up with about 20 minutes left in second period. So I got dressed and ready for school and arrived at 10.

Yeah...I was late to third period too.

But I got 10 hours of sleep?

And my English teacher really didn't care. all. She was more concerned about my foot. LOVE HER.

So, since I've decided it's my demonic alarm clock that is responsible for the not getting up this morning...I've downloaded an mp3 alarm. We'll see how it goes tomorrow and I'll report back.

But my day was fabulous!

I got a lot of sleep!

And my English teacher doesn't care that I wasn't there.

And Ross really liked my monologue in Company.

And I'm going to get out of gym for a couple weeks.

And we heard an a capella group from U of I during chorus (that features former Deerfield students Alex Howe and Barry Horwitz).

And our "big" APES paper was moved from being due being half of our final! The other half is a group project...create an educational brochure to teach people about nature. AHAHAHAHAHA.

And I realized today just how much I love my theatre 1,2 class. They are so cute!!

And I got so much attention today because of my foot. 'Twas entertaining.

[/my day]

Zoe's coming over in about an hour to watch a movie. Neither of us has homework and crew is only going until 5 for the next several weeks.


And I have left over Giordano's pizza for dinner. good!

Oh! And I got an email from my sister Fayanne. Last Thursday(?) we were watching Blue's Clues and it was Mr. Salt and Mrs. Pepper Day! I said that I wanted a day so we proclaimed Saturday to be "Gail Day". Of course I forgot (and so did she) so today she sent me an email wishing me a happy belated Gail day and told me that I was loved and appreciated.

So yay! Happy Gail Day to you all!!!

I'm in SUCH a good mood.

Must go read friend's page now!

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