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Cause nothing's going right, and everything's a mess


That's it. The end.

Winter Break is over.

It was a good 16 days.

One broken foot, a new pair of glasses, a new hair cut and 3 different color highlights. A couple family dinners, several friends gatherings, a bunch of movies. Lots of laughs, some tears.

It was good.

And tomorrow starts the shit that is school. The waking up every morning at 7:15 and hauling my ass off to school. 9 periods of class after class with not enough breaks to make it worth it. By the time I'm done wanting to beat my skull against a rock, I go to crew until at least 6, usually much later.

And then I'm come home. Tired. Bruised, broken and ready to end the miserable day. But I get to do homework first. So the clocks rolls around to 10. I give up, utterly defeated. Find what little relief the internet and my Journal has for me. Talk to friends and familiar faces whose faces are just as ghostly and lifeless after a full day as mine. And then shower and get into bed. Hopefully by midnight...but usually before 1.

Then in 6 hours and 15 minutes I get to wake up and do it all over again. A never ending cycle. Fuck.


Really, it's not too bad.

I have a shitty APES paper due Friday, that I should turn in on Wednesday, because I won't be here on Thursday or Friday...but we'll just have to see how that goes.

And English? Our final is fucking easy and we get time to work on it in class.

My monologue for Company is finished (we should be starting feedback tomorrow).'s completely my voice and my story, but different enough where I hope to accomplish an objective (though I'm not sure what that may be).

And I have two free periods tomorrow...three on Tuesday. And my theatre classes and chorus don't really count. I can't do gym with a broken maybe he'll give me the free period this whole week. (Ooo...that would be sweet. I'd just sit on the side anyway. I'll ask if I can just check in and leave everyday. I wonder if I should have gotten a doctor's note...)

And no school Thursday or Friday. Yeah Festival!!!

Consciousness: That annoying time between naps. I'm off to bed.

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