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Why does it always rain on me? Is it because I lied when I was 17...

It's you know where my family is?

No...seriously. Has anyone seen my mother? I'm pretty sure that Daddy is working, but I haven't heard from my mother since church.


Paranoia runs in the family. And I'd be fine if the roads weren't so damn slick today. I could just call her cell phone and find her but...I don't want to sound like I'm worried.

*sigh* Yeah, I'm nuts. You don't need to point that out.


I took a nap. It was nice. Restful. Now I'm just sort of groggy in one of those sad ways.

I may go upstairs and spend some quality time with the remote control and my beloved new MTV Hits channel.

Then again, they don't play Travis on MTV Hits. And I've thoroughly enjoyed listening to it all day (including during my nap).

Have I mentioned that tomorrow = school?

Have I mentioned that I don't want to go?

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