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Just lingering on, malingering on the riiiiiiight track!

Happy Birthday, Lauren!!!

Much love, darling...I hope you're day is absolutely fabulous!! You deserve it. :-)

I hate getting up early on a Saturday. But we have a big crew day today. Moving a TON of lumber and cleaning out stuff so we can start getting ready for the musical. Candace, Greg and I had to call everyone in the crew AND cast to get people to come help.

I hope it worked. I hope we get a lot of people. Eric called me yesterday to see if I had an approximate number of people coming, but I have no idea. It could be could be 9. :-/


I slept horribly last night. And I don't want to go to school on Monday. I need to fill out housing for Indiana (and Iowa?). I need to do homework (Did I have any? I don't remember...)


Please let this day get better than it is right now.

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