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Does the childish game of nerves never end?

Could barely sleep last night. Woke up before my alarm. My stomach is in a knot. I'm not drinking Frappuccino today, because I'm wound enough as it is.

School isn't even starting for a week! What the hell? Booksale today? That's not stressful.

Fall play meeting. That does it. With STUNTS, I am with friends, Nikki and JC. And Eric is the sponsor for it. Also, I am the second highest position in the hierarchy. Fall play, I'm Assistant Direction. Not sure where that comes in the hierarchy. Also, no friends. Carl is director, and I like Carl. I've known Carl for the last two years, but it's not like I'm 'friends' with Carl. And I know the entire cast. I just don't know them well. Blah, stupid nerves. This is supposed to be fun. And I'm sure I'm making more of it than I should be. Yuck.

Need to finish getting ready. I'm picking up Carly for the booksale in a half an hour.

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