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Ain't nobody love you like I love you. You're a good girl and that's what makes me trust you

Arg! I hate shopping!!

Okay, well, I don't really hate it. I love shopping. I love shopping when I know what I want. I love shopping when I have lots of money to spend. And I love shopping when I can find everything I want.

On this basis, my trip to the mall wasn't too bad. I got a pair of blue fuzzy pants at American Eagle, with a $15 off card, I only paid $10.

I plan to go back there sometime soon to return a hideous shirt my mother bought me from there, and at that point use my other $15 off card and hopefully the 15% off card too. And maybe with all that discountedness, I'll be able to get something nice for CHEAP.

Express went pretty well too. They are having a UBER HUGE sweater sale...I got two sweaters for $50. One was originally $50 and the other $40. So I saved $40 total. Sweet! And that was completely gift card, and I still have a $30 gift card to spend there some other time.

Then I left the mall. I should have come straight home. But did I?


I went to the Best Buy in Vernon Hills (I was already at Hawthorn). I feel it important to mention that this is when it started snowing and people started driving like fucking idiots.

Things I wanted: Reality Bites DVD

Things I found: Not the Reality Bites DVD

I considered getting The Producers soundtrack or the Beauty and the Beast DVD...but decided to try my luck at the Best Buy in Deerfield.

Traveling there sucked. And there was no fucking Reality Bites DVD. Grrrr...

So I had the Producers in my hand...and for whatever reason decided that using $16 of the $30 gift card I had was stupid and I should wait until I find Reality Bites.

So I went to the Barnes and Noble in Deerfield. I didn't think they would have it...but then again, you never know. Plus, I figured, if they didn't have it...I'd just get the Producers there with my $15 gift card.

No Reality Bites. And The Producers was $19. off.

Not to mention that I only have $10 cash anyway. I was relying on the power of gift cards (perhaps you noticed?).

So I came home...utterly defeated, and having wasted 2 hours for nothing when I could have just quit after my super sweater purchase.

*sigh* Someday I'll learn.


I'm home. And tired. But Candace want Chinese for dinner, and I might be offering my house for it. Yay?

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