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Who knows how long, how long, how long she can go before she burns away

So seriously...if you haven't taken my poll...please do so now!!! :-)

Cici is going to the tattoo place Friday morning and I'm still debating. There's an overwhelming "don't do it" from all of my friends (boo), so I wanted a consensus on here.

Eh, I'll probably end up wussing out. Don't want to do that. Grrr...


It's Thursday already. Eww? 4 more days and then I'm back at school. YUCK!

At least I'll have a 3-day week...Yay Theatre Fest! And then another week before finals. Bah.


I miss my 3 Doors Down CD. Must get back from Zoe. MUST.

I really have nothing else to say and I've been making it up as I I'll just go obsess over my lovely new music channels again. I love MTV Hits. Mmm...

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