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I'm walking a straight line, I don't care I'm not moving aside


Last night completely rocked.

It was Caitlin, Phatty, Zoe, John, Charlie, Jason, Me, Allie, Amanda, and Candace. Dace left at 11, Jason took John home at 12, the rest of the guys left at 2:30 and Nikki never showed up.

But it was just so much fun. Lately, I've been going off the wall insane. (I'm blaming Halls cough drops +Vitamin C) So I was off the walls and we all had a lot of fun.

After the guys left, we all basically crashed. Zoe stayed up a little later, I think.

We woke up at noon. Yum. Actually Allie and I woke up at noon. Amanda had left at 11, and Zoe and Caitlin were already up. Zoe was on her way out even. So Al and I had our breakfast, and left at 12:30.

And! We were actually smart! Since we were going to be at Allie's in 6 hours, Caitlin, Zoe and I gave her our pillows and sleeping bags to just take to her house so we wouldn't have to bring them home and then back.

We're so smert!!!

And I kept saying how cool it was that we were basically having a two-day New Year's celebration. Last night was so fun. And tonight should be too! And I'm just really excited. Hee!

Now, I'm doing a load of laundry (because I have no pants...not that that was ever a problem before) and I need to shower.

I'm supposed to be getting together with Candace and Greg (aka...Scheck-daddy) to plan a lumber move for crew on Saturday. We have to email all of the crew (present and past) and call all of the cast. And there's a lot of them. Oy!

All before 6:15 when I leave to pick up Zoe so we can go to Allie's.

I have 5 hours. Think I'll make it? ;-)

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