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So much with the tired.

Candace and I went to Charlie's to play Starfarers of Catan. Candace (or rather...her brother Cark) got the 5-6 player expansion for Christmas. [Mmm...geeky German games...] John and Jason were already over and we were planning to call Pat.

Waiting for Pat took too long though, so we started playing without him and told him to just come later. He showed up around 9:30 and a little after 10-ish we finished the game. Candace was leaving at 11 (silly Sunday curfew) so we couldn't play another game.

We all sat around and channel surfed for a while. After Candace left, we decided to play Charades. Don't ask me why...I don't really know.

That lasted until about 12:15...when Garvey realized he had to be home. We all dispersed at that point.

And now! I'm listening to lovely mp3s by Zack and his band. You should all go look up Ramadan Rick on

Oh, and this is hilarious: Guys' Rules and 50 Reasons It's Great to Be a Guy.

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