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I raise my head up to the sky again and make my way alone

Random music stuff:

In Erehwon today, they were playing Guster and Peter Gabriel. Random, and completely something that would be found on my playlists.

We were watching random countdown shows on VH1 at Nikki's on Friday and we were commenting on stuff. "Her hair is hideous" "That song sucks, but it's so addicting" etc. Every once in a while someone would say "Does anyone know if [whoever]'s new album is good?" and I give a 5 minute summary of my feelings on it. Because apparently I'm the most informed out of most of my friends. And the one with the widest variety of music.

Which leads me to my last point. Zoe has borrowed the new Matchbox album, the new 3 Doors Down album, the new Alanis album and the semi-new Pink album. I'm suppose to burn her copies, but I figured I'd make sure she really wants them first.

So I'm without my Matchbox and 3 Doors Down...which I've been listening to non-stop for a few weeks now. Tragic.

That is all.

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