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Come with me and you'll be in a world of pure imagination

This day has been so uber-long, and I like it.

Two Weeks Notice was actually pretty good. I figured it would be a cute, little, chick-flick without too much merit. I suppose it sort of was, but I enjoyed it more than I thought I would. Hugh Grant is adorable.

After, we went to Candace's house. Nikki, Candace, Zoe and I just hung around for a while and ate dinner. We called everyone on the planet that we thought would want to do stuff...left messages a ton of places...but were mostly unsuccessful.

After a couple hours though, Caitlin came over and then Chazz showed up. We started playing a game of Trivial Pursuit. Then I got a call from Mary!! It's her birthday today (the big 20!) and she wanted to know if we wanted to go bowling. We are all so incredibly LAZY and completely BROKE that we had to say no. She said that she would call me back.

A little while later, she, Steph and Lindsay showed up and we abandoned the Trivial Pursuit to play Cranium. 'Twas fun, new and different.

Around midnight, Zoe and Nikki left, but Jason called and joined the fun. We finished off the game and sat around a while longer.

Finally, we made it home around 1:30.

And that was my fun and exciting evening.

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