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What you thought was real in life, will somehow steer you wrong

So much stuff.

So yesterday was Nikki's party thing. We went downtown on a 2:20 train and started walking for the bus stop. Then we noticed that during the holiday season, the free trolleys run every day and more often. SO! being the cheap chicks that we are...the 12 of us took the free trolley to Navy Pier instead of a bus.


Then we stood in a really long line to get into the Winter Wonderland part. It was indoors and had an ice rink, rock climbing wall, bungee jumping, big slides, a merry go round, a kiddie train. Decked out and very pretty looking (with moving gobos!), which was all pretty cool. It was $10 to actually do any of the stuff I named, so...again with the cheap...we all just didn't do that. We did this cookie decorating thing for $1.50 and saw Mr. Brame and the Bramlings (our band director and his kids). It was random but cool.

I got the brilliant idea that instead of spending money on stuff, we should just take funny pictures. We took a ton. There's one of Zoe and I pretending to steal ornaments off a Christmas tree, one with people pretending to eat a gingerbread house. All crazy stuff that amused us greatly and cost us NOTHING!! (Have I mentioned we are cheap?)

It was dark by then, about 5:30, so we all decided to brave the cold outdoors and ride the ferris wheel. Cause come on. We're in Chicago. At Navy Pier. You gotta ride the ferris wheel. It was FREEZING, especially since I was on the side that the wind was blowing in at, but the 6 in our car had fun. [Allie, me, Zoe, Caitlin, Candace and Amanda] The other car was behind us and we made faces at them when we could see them. [Steph, Kate, Nikki, Melissa, Ali and Kendall]

After the ferris wheel, we went to get a little snack before home, so we waiting in line at the McDonalds for fries forEVER and a day. It was heinous, but the fries were yummy.

Then we went to go find the trolley pick up again, hoping we could again swing the "not paying" thing. We did! Woo! And actually...Brame and the Bramlings were getting off of the trolley we were getting onto. Small world.

We made it to Union Station in time to catch the 7:35 out, so we didn't have to wait until 8:35. Sweet. Much fun was had on the train. I actually spent the entire ride talking to Allie about college stuff and relationships and love and trying a long distance relationship in college. 'Twas horribly interesting. We reached no conclusions.

At Nikki's, we ate a bunch of pizza that her mom had ordered for us, and sat around for a bit before having a really good ice cream cake. Gotta love Baskin Robbins. Then we watched Reality Bites which is a FABULOUS movie and I cannot believe that I hadn't seen it before. I MUST OWN IT NOW!!! And I have a $30 gift card to Best Buy, so it might be on my agenda sooner rather than later.

After the movie, we just sat around for hours. By 3, most people had gone to bed. Zoe and I turned off the TV and anyone who was still awake went into the dining room to sit around.

We woke up this morning around 9...I woke up at 9:30. Donuts were me some Dunkin Donuts...and we sat around for another hour until Candace drove me home.

Agenda for Today:
- Shower
- Go to Kohl's and try to find sheets
- Nap?
- A 4:00 or 5:00 Two Weeks Notice with the girls
- Hang out at someone's house [read: Find some testosterone because 20 hours with 12 girls will drive you up a wall!]
- Come home late.

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